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warcraft update

ok i have decided to post all the warcraft related stuff separately so it doesn't bog down my 'life stuff' post that will be written later on today.

i finally got my shaman transferred to Stormrage. It is so nice being able to quest without constantly being killed! she is level 54 now, saving furiously for her epic mount. ideally i want a talbuk, but there is no way i can get the rep for that in only 2 levels so i am going to settle for a ram, teehee.
though, i haven't been leveling her all that quickly which is a shame. i keep telling myself that i'll go back to her, and then i never do.

my priest is now level 36 also saving furiously for her mount. unfortunately i seem to have attracted a few players who bug me and /w me all the time for help and stuff. one of them is particularly rude and even had me on /ignore for a while, but he is still /w me for help and had the nerve to ask for a guild invite! as if!
i have done plenty of reading up on healing as a priest because i am terrible at it. i learned a few bits that hadn't occurred to me before. of course it doesn't help my guild much cause i am not the main healer, but it doesn't hurt to know :)

last week i dropped herbalism and alchemy on my priest for mining and engineering. that's a lot of fun. i am currently after the green lens schematic. although there are so many things you need. with alchemy you could keep all your mats on you to use whenever. so getting used to keeping most of your stuff in the bank is a bit strange. cool though. mechanical squirrel FTW.
Tags: world of warcraft
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