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better late than never?

yes alright i am finally making a real post. one month later *for shame*

right lets break it down;

Diet - what diet? going terrible but i am still not actually gaining weight. i am 'trying' to do a bit better but just a bit. as of next week i am going to start taking my lunch to college (except on wednesdays, that's our 'eat a proper meal at college for a treat' day). see if i don't! i need suggestions on what i can take with me though. there is no facility for hot water so taking things like soup and those low cal/low fat super noodle pots is out.

College - brilliant. my class is meshing together so well, right at the beginning we were sort of separated into 2-3 different smaller groups of friends, but now the whole lot of us goes to break and lunch together. it's cool! i was quite behind with a lot of the practical work but i have caught up. i just need to do a forward graduation and square layers cut and i'll exactly where i need to be. my health and safety assignment is not going as well cause i am lazy. i'll be doing a nice chunk of that today before signing onto warcraft.

Money - what money? i think in two months i'll be able to afford to get new lenses for my glasses so i'll be able to see again *joy*. been chatting to mum again about me moving out and whether i'll actually be able to afford to when i leave college. basically no, cause i will still have one year left on my loan and one credit card to pay off (not worried about the card, the apr is good). so we'll work that out when the time comes. the idea of moving out is incredibly exciting still.

i am really annoyed that the score for the transformers movie isn't available to download from itunes yet (i wonder if i can get it from the USA version?) and that i have to wait until 3 dec for the dvd when the jammy bastards in America already have it.
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