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minor tragedies!

minor tragedy #1
i have run out of coffee and have had to resort to the decaf.

minor tragedy #2
the water is off so i couldn't fill the kettle even if i wanted to.
i also can't shower, and i really need to because my hair is scanky (explanation later on)

minor tragedy #3
not being able to shower means i won't be going to college today. no that's actually very bad.

minor tragedy #4
my brain age is 44 and i really need to learn my times tables. yes i realise i should have already done that, years ago! god damn you Dr Kawashima.

end of tragedies.
yes all very minor, but noteworthy anyway :)

yesterday at college we were practicing doing a conditioning treatment on each other it was my turn to get the treatment, so i had a lazy morning of being stuck in a chair playing client. which was cool :)
i didn't bother to straighten my hair before i went to college, i didn't even brush it! but it looked surprisingly cool i didn't condition it myself cause i knew i would be having the treatment so it was starting to twist up and dread itself (oh my poor hair is in such bad condition!).
unfortunatly my class mate who did my hair didn't rinse it properly. i knew it wasn't done properly because she didn't spend as long getting the conditioner out as i would do at home, and i know my hair, i know it takes a lot longer to get product out than that. i asked her but she said it was fine.
so today my hair feels thick and greasy - and looks it too.
and if there is one thing i can't stand it's greasy hair. i would rather spend an extra 30 minutes a day making sure my hair is cleaned and conditioned and straightened (or not straightened, depending on how i am feeling) than just leave it.

ok due to the shocking amount of time i have taken to write this little entry, the water has come back on. only it's too late now! there's no time for me to be ready to leave the house. *huff*
i'll just do some house work and watch those last two episodes of Life on Mars.
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