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unplug the internet!!

i should be doing my homework. it's ok. once i start it'll only take me an hour and a half to do. i just don't wanna.
i have finished the conclusion to my health and safety assignment (which is all of 3 very very short paragraphs). all thats left is to type up my job description in the salon ande the code of conduct. and copy&paste some info on trading standards acts.

in other epic news.
my shaman hit 58 and ventured into Outland.

i'll add more about that later on when i have had a chance to have an explore. seriously though i feel like a total noob there. are the mobs tougher there? normally i could take out something 3 levels higher then me alright, but i had to bail after taking on a lvl 61 regular mob.
my little shammy also fell ion love with a Fel Reaver. the feeling was not mutual and she had to make a quick escape to avoid death. she is convinced he just needs time...
Tags: college, world of warcraft
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