Hexiel (hexiel) wrote,

quick post

so i have been off college for a week. the 'official' reason is headaches. and while thats true it's not the full story. i think i just felt burnt out. which i feel is unreasonable because i don't work hard enough for that. but thats it. i have spent the week with a constant dull headache and general pathetic weakness (and lots of sleep). i am feeling better and more cheerful now so i think i did just need a week off.

on the other hand, being at home a lot has meant i have played warcraft a lot! so i am a little burnt out with that as well. i decided not to 'play' at all yesterday (i did give in the urge to check my mail and get the names of a few things i was stuck with) and i haven't signed on today yet. if we don't do a run anywhere this evening i might leave it for today as well.

i think i'd rather read :)
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