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Black Holes and Revelations
okay... where do i start?
my respec to resto was short lived. you seriously can achieve nothing while resto. i was a squishy as hell and frankly i did not heal any more efficiently. i think a serious amount of practice is on order so i shall be leveling my baby shaman as elemental so i can get used to playing a shaman as a caster. then i'll go ahead with a respec. i enjoy healing, and i want to be resto. it's just not practical at the moment.
i have begun the long and painful gold grind for my epic flying skill. gah.

on the verge of quitting. basically i am just waiting for my manager at work to say that i have have full time hours. i feel really crap about this and it's the source of my constant headaches.
college is a waste of my time because i will never use the qualification. oh i enjoy learing how to be a hairdresser but when it comes down to it. i don't actually like the idea of cutting or colouring a total strangers hair. but i would have liked to see it through anyways out of principal.
but i really really can't afford to. i have taken to not answering the phone because i know it's someone who wants money off me. i had wanted to go back to portsmouth over easter but there's no way that's going to happen.
besides if i am not at college i don't have to wait till half term/end of term to go anywhere which is a bonus i guess.
i know that leaving college is the right thing to do. hell i can always do that course again later on in my life if i must. but i feel like a quitter. like i messed up real bad with this one.

meh. i had pie and chocolate yesterday. but it was sunday and you gotta be naughty sometimes. other than that, it's ok. i'm still not exercising enough (... not at all...) whoch really would help things along. but the main point is really, i am not gaining weight and i am losing.. veeeery slowly. better than nothing.

web design:
later on this week i need to have a good look at my websites and figure out all the places where the code isn't valid. if i'm going to try to be a serious web designer i really need to work out the validation thing. /cry

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mckee92 From: mckee92 Date: March 10th, 2008 03:47 pm (UTC) (Link)
Ok, posting from school so this may not work :(

WoW: Well I understand, you didnt like resto, and you were squishy, enjoy being Dps.

College: If it isn't working out, there is no point in prolonging it, especially if it costing you money. You tried, and you arent quiting, not in a negative way, your stopping, untill you feel you want to continue, if indeed you even want to.

A hell of a lot of people don't even try, so trying and finding it dosen't work out for you isn't all that bad. You didn't mess up really bad, you tried something, which is a good thing.

Diet: don't even get me thinking about it, I need to sort mine out, and exercise too.

I'll see you on tuesday :)

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