Hexiel (hexiel) wrote,

good karma?

sometimes you have to ignore your own suspicions, paranoia and even logic and just take what someone says at face value. especially when it makes you feel good about yourself. and right now, i am a happy bunny.

well anyway. yesterday the swansea college was pretty much closed and most of our lecturers were on strike. of course we were told to come in as usual, and then told oh, no lesson today, your teacher is out on the picket line. grr. so i got up early for nothing.
however... :) i am damned glad i did.
i decided to go into town and pass the time until the afternoon (when we would have had a lesson cause our other lecturer was not striking cause she belonged to a different union). i was texting michelle when a guy from the Phones4u shop asked me if i wanted to see if i was eligible for an upgrade. i figured it'd be a way to pass some time. well it turns out that my contract is just ending anyway, and they found me a new better contract that costs me less and gives me more, and i get a new phone free to boot. so now i am the proud owner of a samsung u600. i kind of miss my old moto v3 with its big keypad for the following reason..

for the first time in my life i have nail extensions. it's impossible to text, type quietly, undo my own piercings, apply makeup without making a mess, or pick money up off a flat surface. but ooh so worth it. i think if i have the money, i'll have some nail art done.

i also had a brilliant phone call with michelle. we really really need to text eachother more often.
i can't wait to move to portsmouth. michelle has said i can stay with her while i job hunt (yay). and when i have found my own place i can get my doggie. i hope i can afford to live on my own. finding a flatmate would be alright i guess. but... to me on my own. it would be new and different.

okay in warcraft news (cause you know i have no life) i have done a major big purge of all alt toons i just don't play. got rid of about 10 i think. three off my main server, two off the pvp server, two off the other radon pve server i played on for about 5 seconds, two off the backup pve server i dump all my toon that i just can't delete but don't actually want and one off the rp server. mad.
on my main server i was going to delete my paladin, then i logged in to get all the stuff out of her bank etc and i was reminded of why i hadn't already deleted it. so yeah, i might level that toon a little.
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