Hexiel (hexiel) wrote,


sudoku is the devil! i hate it. lets burn them all!!... so why am i still trying to figure it out?
WTB smarter brain plz.

anyway, i quit college. after my little emotional.. blip. i decided that i couldn't go back so i quit. i intend to finish the customer services unit, as that is a separate qualification. i'll still be putting it all on my CV though :)
i don't feel upset by it or anything, in fact the thought of going into college to pick up all my stuff upsets me. it's the building... but i'll still have my nice kit, scissors etc. and i have the l33t skills. okay not l33t, but i was good at cutting.

means i am one step closer to moving out. my loan app has been approved and i am basically just waiting for the paperwork to be ok'ed then i'll have my money. thats hopefully within the next week or so. then i'll get myself on a crash driving course to get the driving thing out of the way.

possibly i am over estimating myself for this move. i really need to start contacting employment agencies and getting myself appointments. i haven't done that all yet :/

i have had 2 weeks off work, i'm back tomorrow. i am dreading it, for a reason that i shan't write about, or speak about. simply because its is so utterly surreal and weird, and creepy..
not anything to do with the people i work with though, so i guess it'll be cool to see them again.

i'm still playing a silly amount of warcraft. i think i finally burnt myself out yesterday, cause when i logged in earlier on today i couldn't be bothered and wound up logging out within about 10 minutes.
i haven't managed to gear up my shaman much, although her dps has improved. i have managed to get my epic flying skill/mount and i'm working on my netherwing rep... and my wintersabre rep and my timbermaw rep. lol. well i might not be geared... but a lot of factions will love me.
i have spent a fair bit of time playing on my paladin, who i am tanking with. i'm not a great tank... by a long shot but it is oddly fun.

i haven't straightened my hair in over a week :O
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