Hexiel (hexiel) wrote,

brain fog

i have brain fog. and for the first time in my life know why someone might want to use a pensieve. i have so much trivial stuff floating round in my head that mashed up with the serious stuff of moving house and work and loosing weight. it's all a bit much.

but i have been a bit dozy today. i didn't eat till 3pm cause i forgot to (me? forget to eat? did hell freeze over?). i have got a bit of housework done. but mum left a note saying that washing needed to go out on the line, but i can't for the life of me find it! how do you lose a machine load of washing? i have had no less than 10 cups of coffee so far - all i can think of is the amount or fat and calories i have consumed in milk alone. it's a good job my lunch, when i finally did eat, was pretty much fat free and low cal.
did you know that pasta is insanely more expensive than it used to be?

my internet is running very slowly. i'm not sure it's just the internet cause firefox is sluggish and disobedient as well today. possibly my computer needs a good clean out, physically and mentally.
the modem overheated earlier on cause it was covered by something soft (not my fault) so it might be that as well. it's new as well. we have our broadband by talk talk now. it's fine so far. both me and mum can now use the internet at the same time. hooray.

i have developed a completely rediculous obsession with the Transformers Animated cartoon. I'm in love with Starscream. I love the animation style, the characters. Between the episodes being shown on Nickolodeon and the ones uploaded to youtube, i believe i have seen them all. Starscream/Blitzwing look totally awesome together and Bumblebee/Prowl is just too cute. yeah that's how my head works. i need the toys of said mechs. need.

i also tried out Transformers Armada. i saw part of an episode on youtube because of a miss click, and it was alright. i saw a few more and decided that is was good. i love to bits how different Starscream is in it (as opposed to the textbook Slytherin he usually is). but oh my god. did he have to die?! (ok yes he did.. but not the point) i was so upset, even though i knew it would happen. stupid galvatron, i hate him.

oh and i got my netherwing drake for my shaman

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