Hexiel (hexiel) wrote,

i am so crap at art it's not even funny. however, i shan't let it dissuade me as i fill up my notepad.
i even invested in a graphics tablet, which will take getting used to. i managed to get out an 'adequate' drawing of animated!starscream, by my standards anyway.
i have freaking loads of doodles of my Fel Reaver. i'm struggling to simplify his armour to make it easier to draw. but its fun to keep trying.

i finally got Smash Bros Brawl yesterday. its so damned fun. my wii wont connect t the internet through my modem at the moment (oh i have a modem related grump to write about later) which is a shame, i was hoping to be able to battle against my cousin. i like to think that i am pretty badass as Meta Knight.

ok modem related rant. i was on the phone to my cousin (who is only 13 so i shouldn't be so mean) and i was talking about getting my wii connected to the internet and he said just connect it to my modem. my 'modem' is not wireless, cause my computer rejects every wireless network card i try to use with it. so i have to use cables. and that is not a problem for me. to be honest i feel more comfortable with tangible means of connecting my hardware. anyway, talking about connecting my modem to my wii and i said i didn't think the cable would reach round and i hadn't bothered to fiddle with all that yet. and my cousin just repeated that i needed to connect my modem and i said (a little irritated) yeah i will but i gotta sort the wires. he said, no, you don't need wires... you do know what a modem is don't you?
took pretty much all my strength to not flip out. actually. technically what you have is a wireless router not a 'modem' adsl doesn't need a modem (by definition - we only call them modems out of habit now.. like saying google it instead of search for it). that and he made fun of my wires.
kids. what do they know eh? just made me feel old and bitter.

anyway, that aside. i'm back in portsmouth in 4 days. hoorah.
i have lost some weight. i'm being very good on my diet. i eat lots of veggies and never anything nice. it's had the unfortunate effect of making me unhappy and hate eating, but its better than say, not eating at all, or eating junk and purging. and it's got to be better then staying hippo sized.

not an awful lot else to talk about. my dad didn't reply to my last email, which makes me feel better cause that pretty much how it should be. :)
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