Hexiel (hexiel) wrote,

oh an update?

i have been putting off posting here cause i have so much to write about it'll take ages.
so this is a filler post until i sit down and write properly about

  • my trip to portsmouth
  • my new house
  • and associated drama
  • the fel reaver character study i am working on
  • the sims 2 - which turns out to be funner than i thought it was
  • other console related gaming news
  • more complaining about world of warcraft stuff
  • family related drama
  • and the brain death that occurred because of it
  • career and education dilemas
  • saying goodbye to the girls from college and work
  • and i'll probably throw in a lot of ramblings about miscellaneous machine, computer, robot issues which usually tie in with a million other things
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