Hexiel (hexiel) wrote,


1. went to wales last weekend to see my mum. was great.

2. 24 has started. disappointed so many people are downloading it and are therefore 2 episodes ahead of where the uk 'should' be. makes it hard to chat to people about it without being spoiled.
it's awesome. i am in love with tony almeida.

3. diet went terrible. back on track tomorrow. honest.

4. had a strange few weeks where my brain wandered off. still not back.

5. bugger i've run out of coffee.

6. i'm looking at pictures of Soundwave from the TF2 movie. not 100% convinced. G1 soundwave is a legend. but then the only bot they've designed that looks the part imo is Optimus (though bee is alright i guess).

7. i need to find time to read more
8. i need to find time to write and draw more (OMG I MISS WRITING SO MUCH!!)

... that's it. short and sweet.
oh yeah and my hat is cooler than yours.
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