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this is...

this is one of those posts where i sit here and go on and on about the last few weeks of my life and everyone else doesn't read it and doesn't care :D this has never stopped me before!!

i have this feeling in my stomach. the only way i can describe it is that feeling of dread and horror. but it's the exact opposite. i don't know, i just want to smile today. it's great.

yesterday i was followed by a Dementor. I could not shake the feeling of negativity whatsoever. but i had a reason for that. i had a nightmare that two people i frequently work with were killed. their line of work is pretty dangerous and following other events that i won't go into, this dream was just a little too close.

today was a pretty awesome day work was made of pants as usual. though we did have some drama later in the day when the police turned up chasing a group of guys hell bent of causing trouble. we believe that they were kicking up because one of their group had been arrested for shoplifting. the police were giving it large at us as well for not reporting that they'd stolen alcohol from us. heh. so our resident storewatch bloke and Cloe went and set the record straight, those guys, hadn't set foot in our store and that they ought to get their facts right before accusing our staff of not doing their job. :) /smug

after work was fun as well as Bee, Vicky and I set about cheering up a heartbroken Xan. the evening was a success.

ending it here cause it's 5am and i need to sleep.
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