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where are my socks?

man it's chilly here. i have the coolest socks, the are knee high and have skulls on them.

i am kind of sad, cause Minky came up to Wales and didn't visit me. I'm sure there was a 'good' reason, but i still feel somewhat ignored.
on the plus side she did txt me saying she has found a new place to live so i can come and stay with her *does a happy dance* which would be fun. (Mental Note; must text Minky Moo sometime today)

my hosting for nocturnal needs renewing at the end of feburary. i have a reseller right now and i plan to downgrade back to regular shared hosting. it will cost less than half what i am paying now. the difference will pay for this livejournal account to be upgraded and my neopets premium subscription (yes i know i am sad! but seriously, it's fun!)

my mum has applied for a job in a pet store. apparently they will want to train her to be a manager. that, my friends, rocks. if i had transport i would go for a job like that, but the busses here are useless. so i'm stuck for the moment.

oh its the 200th episode of stargate on this evening, so we are not staying to our slimming world group. i have seen clips of it and i know its very funny haw haw.

right, this entry has been completely pointless really. but hey, i said 'something' at least. now i must go clean the kitchen before my mum gets in and destroys me for being lazy.
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