Hexiel (hexiel) wrote,

version 2

no please, call me Version 2.
hah. yeah we have a WWE reference here.

i have my new computer. it turns out that the problem with my old one was the hard drive. so a whole new machine was unnecessary but very much worth it. my new computer runs world of warcraft amazingly.
i'm also trying out windows 7. alright microsoft! i officially do not want a mac anymore.
i know, i'm as shocked as you, but W7 so far has just, worked. it's stable, pretty, compatible with everything so far both software and hardware.
so far my only bugbear has been the way the taskbar works. i used to have the taskbar pulled up to three rows, top row being the 'open windows', row two my quick menu and row three being all the other nonsense i wanted to get to but didn't want to go into all programs for it. W7 works differently in this respect

i've started using twitter. http://www.twitter.com/hexiel

Bee and I have started getting into the WWE scene... just a little. decided that the hardy boys/team xtreme were simply made of awesome, shame that all went tits up. planning to go to london in november to see all the pretty boys fight :)
might be slightly obsessed with the extreme enigma and version 1 (that's jeff and matt hardy to you mortals). hence the new nickname courtesy of Bee. version 2. :)

i could probably write about my adventures on wow for hours. i am so damned slow at that game its not even funny. my shaman is still level 78 (and a half!). but getting there. i haven't really explored the potential of my new computer by instancing yet. but so far, questing with the graphics turned UP is bliss. i have been distracted from my levelling by various alts. the one keeping my attention at the moment is a tauren druid.
genuine motivation to play has died. it died almost a year ago really. now i'm just in it to piss about and for the chit chat... oh wait that died about a year ago as well. lol. my new druid is definitely finding herself a guild to hang out with!
... seriously thinking about doing the same with my shaman actually.

friday this week means transformers 2!! /squeeee.

monday this week (oh that's today already) means route 66. attempting to get a group together to hang out for a few hours after work. not planning on drinking a lot, mostly its for the socialising.
monday also means 3 hours of raw (WWE of course..) jeff hardy vs edge vs cm punk... /gasp.

today i had one of those days... the kind where your hair is comfortable and has gone just right, your makeup looks natural and laid back and your feeling really kind of positive about yourself..... and you have no plans to go out! hah. good days always happen on the wrong day!

and to end on a significantly less positive note... i miss too many people right now, i either haven't seen them, or spoken to them, or worked with them, or hugged them recently. and it's murder.
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