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okay now i'm ready to post.
saw TF2 for the second time today. amazing.

things i love;
autobots acting out of character. how cold was Optimus Prime right at the beginning, and his fight scene with The Fallen when he shears off his face.. or Bumblebee pulling Ravage apart? definitely not all that noble :)

Soundwave. shame he didn't have a bigger part.
Jetfire. lol. brilliant. was heartbroken when he ripped out his own spark so Optimus could use him for spare parts. however OP/Jetfire is awesome.
Bumblebee seemed sexier and more grown up. i'm in love.
Starscream. ah the Screamer we know and love. i adored his 'tattoos'.

i loved how much for screentime the robots got, we got to see them interact, talk, and a little politics.

things i didn't love;
autobots acting out of character. OP is waaay too 'good' to pull some of the shit he did in this movie.

the fallen. just hated his character. jumped up little shit.
the pretender. okay did no one else think it might be a huuuuuuge deal that decepticons are hiding, pretending to be human and getting away with it. a big deal that was dismissed too fast.
devastator. immense, but pointless.

i also don't get why that fragment of allspark gave sam information connected to the matrix. and what was that? autobot heaven? with the other original primes. i just don't see how that all ties in to the allspark.

not a lot that i don't 'love' really. just a few things that plague my mind.

character study wise, i found the Jetfire - Optimus Prime things sweet. here was Jetfire, awed at meeting a real life prime. and there was Optimus Prime, admitting he needed the help one one young human.

i didn't much like the idea of Megatron being an apprentice to anyone. in my head, Megatron is the big bad and i don;t like anyone dethroning him.

i also thought Optimus' death was incredible, obviously he wasn't going to stay dead, that's not OP's style :) but it was so emotional.

wicked score the the movie too. just like the first one, beautiful music.

i LOVE Bumblebee's feet. i know that's a little sick. but i really do!

i am now 100% re-inspired to get my TF tattoo. i have planned to get 'seeker' wings on my back for years. G1 wings seemed too simple but i think if i combine G1 style with Starscreams tattooed wings, i can come up with something perfect :)
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