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Pandora and Kurai, round one.

ok so i bought myself a Tamagotchi connections V.3 a few days ago. I started it, and all was well. A little girl tamagotchi was born and i named her Kurai. She has been the best little 'gotchi i have ever owned. Very low maintenance. Easy to play with. Goes to bed early (so far). But it seems she had a run in with Pandora.
no one died. thankfully.
Pandora had a good chew on Kurai and now she has some dead pixels and a lot of scratches and bite marks on the plastic case. but other then that she is ok.
and there ends my story.

I have also now paid for the privelage of using livejournal and am currently enjoying hunting down more icons to use.

now i must go. because i have to clean the bathroom, put a new bag in the rubbish bin, tidy up the living room and kitchen, and get the dinner on before my mum gets in... i have about 20 minutes. *dies*
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