Hexiel (hexiel) wrote,


i had a weird dream last night.
i was at a big house, sort of rural estate thing. and there was ivy or a plant growing up the outside walls. and lots of it.
and on the plant there was hundreds of snail shells, empty, dangling from spider web threads. loads of them all over the ivy plant. and in a space, on the wall where the plant hadn't grown there was this big old spider. totally flat against the wall with its long lets splayed out flush with the wall. a bit like the spider on venom in spiderman. or like this only... scaled UP http://img198.imageshack.us/i/14082009413.jpg/
(and btw that's technically not a spider but part of the arachnid family anyway.. seen them in Wales in my mum's porch).

yeah a spider that kills snails.

so it's working... i show the spiders that i'm on their side in real life.... and they're on my side in my dreams.
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