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i should have already been awake. i don't know about you, but when i am sleeping lightly in the morning, when i am no longer tired, i tend to dream rather vividly.
now i am actually awake the details are sort of slipping away.
i was in a house that i don't recognise. it seemed quite small and i think the walls were a creamy yellow colour (yuk i hate yellow). i think i was with my auntie and uncle, but they were sort of in the background and i never interacted with them. i also think there were some kids there. not little kids, probably 12 years old or something, didn't interact with them either. i don't know. i never saw their faces and i didn't know them.
the house was weird mostly you could walk around in it ok, but sometimes you could go into a room and it would be scary, and it was random. one moment you could walk through a door into a room alright, the next the room would just change. now i have forgotten most of the rooms. i know one was very dark and had sort of, disturbing concept art in it (the sort of art that, when you are awake is brilliant and freaky). i remeber being very uncomfortable in this room. another room, wasn't a room at all. cause the door opened into a cave with water (an underground lake or something) that had like, vines all over the place that were like octopus legs. this 'room' was very scary and was visited several times in my dream. the vines were alive and tried to kill you if you went near them or the water. i think one of the kids died in this 'room', not a gory death and sort of, was pulled under the water and never came back, death.
and that's it. i woke up with nothing scary actually happening but my heart was beating well fast.
i think its weird that although the 'rooms' were scary and dangerous, nothing actually hurt me, like i was just there watching a horror movie.
its also weird because, on the rare occasions that i an aware i am dreaming, i know it is just that, a dream so no matter how yucky it becomes i know i can just wake up and it will go away (something i have had to do quite often). what makes it more weird for me though is that i was there at all. i don't normally dream about me. i am never there, not as a character or a bystander. mostly my dreams are just like watching tv. 'course there are exceptions, and i'm usually quite taken aback by them.
i think i can see the influences on that particular dream though. last night i watched an unofficial trailer for The Cell. which is all spooky, abstract and disturbing. hence the rooms. that octopus vines cave business, that's a mixture of the last episode of stargate atlantis i saw (the one with the wraith machine that makes sga1 try to kill each other) and Davey Jones (last night i was thinking about buying the PotC2 dvd from the shop i work in).

i hate dreams like that. dreams that scare you at the time, but then you just end up feeling stupid.
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