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xmas - Black Holes and Revelations — LiveJournal
so, xmas came, and went. i hate it. what the hell has a decorated tree got to do with jesus? its all so greedy and pretentious. there wasn't a lot of decorations and stuff up round here though so it all passed without too much hype.
i spent xmas day in my pajamas, watching tv. mum cooked a homemade pizza for dinner (uber yum!).
so now i have finally seen Mosters Inc. i found it a bit cutesy, but very good anyways (omg the animated fur! soimpressed!).

i am also fangirling over the disney alice in wonderland movie. which is just awesome. they so don't make them like the used to. some of the imagery in that movie is actually really spooky and disturbing isn't it. that unbirthday party and the catapillar with an unhealthy vowel fixation and i just 'hated' those singing flowers.
when i was a kid i used to get upset when the mad hatter and march hare broke the white rabbit's watch, and even now having not seen the movie for well over 5 years it still upset me! how cool is that!

ooh but what i was most excited about on xmas day was the new episode of Doctor Who. *fangirl squeee* i love that show. possibly a lot more then i should.
the ship looked like a cobweb!
and the doctor was a fabulously dark and tortured soul. that scene where he kills the Empress' offspring (the empress being this freaky spider lady) and she is there screaming cause her babies are dead and he is just stood there making it happen, is love.

i also started watching what i eat again. i'm being very strickt with myself, but it is going fine at the moment. i'm not mad keen on eating the porrige in the morning, but it's better than nothing. i'll be making myself a potato and leek omelette later on for lunch.
last night mum made a pizza for dinner, but instead of using dough as a base she used baked mashed potato. it was really nice and all low calorie, except for the cheese but there wasn't very much for that and it was factored into my eating plan for that day anyway. i am hoping to loose 3lb this week. i managed to loose 1lb last week without trying, i even ate chocolate.. qyite a lot of chocolate, so i don't know what happened there, maybe it will catch up with me this week and i wont loose anything? we'll see. i'm terribly motivated at the moment, so even if i don't loose this week, i'll carry on behaving myself.

i think i'll go play around with my fanlistings for a bit.

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From: squigglybee Date: January 3rd, 2007 02:33 am (UTC) (Link)


I LOVE Alice in Wonderland! I have a HUGE collection of Alice stuff!! My husband made me a couple of awesome things for Christmas and my Birthday: a set of 25 Alice in Wonderland trading cards (oh, they look SO professional), and for my birthday- a framed piece of Cheshire Cat artwork I got at Disney World. I had it drawn while there on our honeymoon, but spilled something on it so it had spots. He scanned it, cleaned up the spots, and printed it out fresh. Then, he glued some cardboard onto the back of it. Next, he took screenshots of every Cheshire Cat scene in the movie. He put them all together in tiny little squares. He put the 3-D, cardboard-backed Cheshire Cat in a frame with all the cheshire scenes as the background (like hundreds of them!) and it looks SO GOOD! And professional!! I'll have to take a picture, it's hard to explain!

Anyway- Alice in Wonderland is my favorite Disney movie. The soundtrack is awesome!! Please excuse my mini-Alice rant. I just recently watched the movie myself! ^___^
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