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so i downloaded World of Warcraft (the 10 day trial). i never played a game like that before so i figured i would give it a try and i knew beetlebugbecki liked the game. so i gave it a go.
i swear i have never played a more complicated game! ok i am not a natural gamer, i like the easy games, like Mario and Zelda so it took me ages to work out what i was doing. also using the keyboard and mouse at the same time kind of threw me. haw haw.
long story short, i hated it, quit, started again, worked it out, started again on beetlebugbecki's realm. LOVE it to bits.
now i'm gonna have to pay for it. darn it!

my current character; named iomomo (teehee) is a level 10 night elf druid.
i'm on the twisting nether realm.
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