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version 2

no please, call me Version 2.
hah. yeah we have a WWE reference here.

i have my new computer. it turns out that the problem with my old one was the hard drive. so a whole new machine was unnecessary but very much worth it. my new computer runs world of warcraft amazingly.
i'm also trying out windows 7. alright microsoft! i officially do not want a mac anymore.
i know, i'm as shocked as you, but W7 so far has just, worked. it's stable, pretty, compatible with everything so far both software and hardware.
so far my only bugbear has been the way the taskbar works. i used to have the taskbar pulled up to three rows, top row being the 'open windows', row two my quick menu and row three being all the other nonsense i wanted to get to but didn't want to go into all programs for it. W7 works differently in this respect
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i've started using twitter.

Bee and I have started getting into the WWE scene... just a little. decided that the hardy boys/team xtreme were simply made of awesome, shame that all went tits up. planning to go to london in november to see all the pretty boys fight :)
might be slightly obsessed with the extreme enigma and version 1 (that's jeff and matt hardy to you mortals). hence the new nickname courtesy of Bee. version 2. :)

i could probably write about my adventures on wow for hours. i am so damned slow at that game its not even funny. my shaman is still level 78 (and a half!). but getting there. i haven't really explored the potential of my new computer by instancing yet. but so far, questing with the graphics turned UP is bliss. i have been distracted from my levelling by various alts. the one keeping my attention at the moment is a tauren druid.
genuine motivation to play has died. it died almost a year ago really. now i'm just in it to piss about and for the chit chat... oh wait that died about a year ago as well. lol. my new druid is definitely finding herself a guild to hang out with!
... seriously thinking about doing the same with my shaman actually.

friday this week means transformers 2!! /squeeee.

monday this week (oh that's today already) means route 66. attempting to get a group together to hang out for a few hours after work. not planning on drinking a lot, mostly its for the socialising.
monday also means 3 hours of raw (WWE of course..) jeff hardy vs edge vs cm punk... /gasp.

today i had one of those days... the kind where your hair is comfortable and has gone just right, your makeup looks natural and laid back and your feeling really kind of positive about yourself..... and you have no plans to go out! hah. good days always happen on the wrong day!

and to end on a significantly less positive note... i miss too many people right now, i either haven't seen them, or spoken to them, or worked with them, or hugged them recently. and it's murder.
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in limbo

i'm sort of, in limbo at the moment. just... waiting.
waiting for my computer to either start working again or for a new one.
few days ago my computer decided tghat switching on was completely overrated. flashed it's amber power light at me and refused to do anything. the day after it switched on all on it's own, failed, tried again. did some sort of system scan and was okay. foolishly i shut it down at the end of the evening to sleep and it never woke up again. it tried to restart again in the early hours of this morning but failed. i'm thinking it's time for a new machine. i can't afford that to be honest. but we reckon we can build something for under £300 that'll be waaaaay better then what i have been using.

i'm using my ibook at the moment. it's eye candy. that is all... it doesn't actually 'work' very well. omg, its like 9 years old. of course it can't work well, websites like this and facebook and gmail are desighned for computers with way more processing power than this. it's frustrating to say the least. and youtube doesn't work. and flash animations make it wet itself and run away crying.

i really need a new computer.

i miss wow. lol

i also had to get myself a new phone because mine finally decided to break completely. what i've bought to tide me over for 6 months is a downgrade from what i had. cheap, cheerful and familiar. it'll do :D

as for the other thing i was gonna write about. well, that man is hard work. i think i am just going to have to wait out his 'down' phase. for now... i completely give up.

i'm looking forward to tomorrows because i'm having lunch with some old friends.
amd sunday because i'm having lunch with old relatives :D (less of the old thank you very much.....) it's looking like it's going to be a good weekend.
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having a bit of a cry.

it's a lie you know.
i let myself believe untruths despite my better judgment because they made me feel good. a little bit special.

but today i just feel cut. perhaps it's a small thing, but if i've walked all the way into town, tried to call 8 times (you said to call just in case you weren't awake), text 3 times and knocked on your door, after being asked to do so, presumable because you like to spend time with me?... it's usually polite to 'be' there... or at least not wherever it is that you are.
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gotta be here more often...

i actually have a lot of personal stuff i could write here, but i think that's something for a f-locked post at some other time. lets stick to the light hearted stuff :)

we'll start with my vanity. my eternal quest to diet continues to fail. i swear i'm not even trying. bad mell. bad!
i have a log day ahead of me tomorrow so i'll have to plan out my dinner properly.

my dreads are fluffier and messier than ever after being dyed. i'm hoping to get some more maintenance done on them over the weekend by beetlebugbecki. i keep saying "oh it's okay, leave it for today" but i think the time has come to just give in, watch some movies and get it sorted :)

and now the geeky stuff.
was reading a transformers blog and came across this little gem.
hell yes.
now all they need to do is get leonard nimoy on board and we can all be happy panda's about it :)

wouldn't normally warcraft it up here, after all, i made a community for that kind of thing. but i've hit level 77 on my shaman and invested in cold weather flying and i'm feeling quite smug about it. first thing i did was to farm herbs in icecrown and then get my exploring achievements :)
feels good to be able to fly around again. 3 more levels to go. and apparently i'm doing very well with my playing and dps.
i'll write more about my spec and spell rotation later. that's enough wow-talk for now.
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word association

1. Studio :: white sheets
2. Meetup :: music
3. Ostrich :: egg
4. Jokes :: joke man (there's a work reference here)
5. Estranged :: trees (err what?)
6. Random :: safety pin
7. Slap :: bitch slap!
8. Hotel room :: clock
9. Inscribe :: herbs (oooh dear..)
10. Polar :: bear

and in other news. i'm confused. Bee assures me i don't need to be. i disagree. lol
i have warcraft related ramblings to add to my fourtotems comm.
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part two

i didn't actually get to sleep until about 6am in the end.

am i the only person that finds a sunrise a little depressing. it;s okay if you wake up and see it. but to not go to sleep and then for the sky to get brighter.. bleh! go away sunshines!! you are not welcome!

michelle is coming round for a gossip this evening so i'm cooking a roast dinner tonight. i love to cook.
wtb more oven trays though.

so far i've failed to mention my hair... oh my hair....
becki spent 2 weeks dreading it, i have 80. yes 80 and it's not even a full head of dreads. i left my fringe loose because i don't look right without one. they need a lot of maintenance right now. i can't do it on my own. but i have a lot of loose hairs that need to be crochet in and the ends needs to be sorted. i have to say, it's really nice not having to straighten it every day :)

i really reeeeally want to listen to the prodigy. but tenacious d is funny so they'll do.

ending here.. again because i need to go to the co-op and buy stuff for dinner :)
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this is...

this is one of those posts where i sit here and go on and on about the last few weeks of my life and everyone else doesn't read it and doesn't care :D this has never stopped me before!!

i have this feeling in my stomach. the only way i can describe it is that feeling of dread and horror. but it's the exact opposite. i don't know, i just want to smile today. it's great.

yesterday i was followed by a Dementor. I could not shake the feeling of negativity whatsoever. but i had a reason for that. i had a nightmare that two people i frequently work with were killed. their line of work is pretty dangerous and following other events that i won't go into, this dream was just a little too close.

today was a pretty awesome day work was made of pants as usual. though we did have some drama later in the day when the police turned up chasing a group of guys hell bent of causing trouble. we believe that they were kicking up because one of their group had been arrested for shoplifting. the police were giving it large at us as well for not reporting that they'd stolen alcohol from us. heh. so our resident storewatch bloke and Cloe went and set the record straight, those guys, hadn't set foot in our store and that they ought to get their facts right before accusing our staff of not doing their job. :) /smug

after work was fun as well as Bee, Vicky and I set about cheering up a heartbroken Xan. the evening was a success.

ending it here cause it's 5am and i need to sleep.
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people: confusing.

i see things in very black and white terms. i like that, something is either right or it isn't. it's either good or it's bad. i can almost always explain exactly why it's either black or white. people who work with grey areas confuse me.

but in less obscure news.. i went to portsmouth uni to chat to someone about doing Digital Media in september, and the general consensus is; go for it. get the apps in now, there's no reason i won't get in really. and sort out money later.

also i need to spend the next month trying to lose weight. i can manage that :)